ATG Auditors & Techno Associates is the perfect destination for Industrial Safety Consultancy. We are an authorized Industrial Safety Consultant where safety audit is carried out as per “Code of Practice on Occupational Safety & Health Audit - Indian Standard 14489: 1998".

There are several elements that are audited under the industrial safety consultancy such as Occupational safety and health policy.

There are FOUR STAGES to an inspection (Safety Audit) Carried out by External Inspector.


The First Stage includes information gathering, the assembly of inspection tools and other preparations. This process ensures that the members conducting the inspection are well informed about the area to be visited and better able to identify hazards. Inspection tools include floor plans of the area, flow charts of the work process, checklists and other records.

The Second Stage involves the physical inspection of the workplace or work area. It should involve talks with workers and supervisors, the use of the inspecting member’s senses, knowledge and training to help detect hazards and the use of common sense to identify hazardous situations that could develop under certain conditions.

The Third Stage , which is review and writing of the report. The written report should state the place, date and time of the inspection and name the person who conducted it. The findings of the report should describe the potential hazards identified, classify them by priority categories and provide any other relevant information. Classification identifies those potential hazards that need immediate attention. The report may draw conclusions about the potential hazards that have been identified, and recommend controls to reduce or eliminate worker exposure to the potential hazard. The report should be delivered to the joint committee as soon as possible so that it can be discussed at the committee’s next meeting. It is the role of the joint committee to decide on recommendations to be made to the employer for action on the hazards. The inspection report becomes a permanent record and should be posted in the workplace for the information of workers and supervisors. It also becomes part of the pre-inspection information for the next inspection of that work area.

The Fourth Stage of the inspection is follow-up. Follow-up is intended to make sure that the information provided in the inspection report is acted upon in a timely manner.